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Jun 2, 2022 Montreal (Quebec) Views 198
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An enchanting site
Thanks to its vastness and diversity, Spa Le Finlandais is unique in North America. You will find saunas from different traditions, numerous pools, baths and much more.

Over the years, we have created the World Inspirations, which invite you to discover thermotherapy in all its geographical and cultural diversity. We also offer a wide range of beauty treatments and massages, provided by professionals. Right on the shores of the Mille ?les River, come live the ultimate relaxation experience!

Comforting heat or invigorating cold, relaxing pools or refreshing waterfalls, natural scenery or sleek design: each bath has its unique pleasures and benefits, be it a short dive in ice-cold water after a sauna session or a long moment of relaxation in hot water, leaning against the rocks amidst whirlpools of bubbles.

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