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BioTalent Canada™ is the HR partner of and a catalyst for growth in Canada’s bio-economy. Our engagement with employers, associations, post-secondary institutions, immigrant serving agencies and service providers has built a dynamic network that is strengthening skills, connecting job-ready talent to industry and creating opportunities.
Mandate is to:

Help Canadian companies and academia develop the highly skilled staff necessary for commercial success.
Facilitate industry involvement in skills development and knowledge upgrading for employees.
Help the Canadian biotechnology sector strategically manage its workforce with human resource tools and HR intelligence services.
Facilitate the entry of new workers to the biotechnology sector through the communication of job opportunities to a broad audience.
Transition the organization to a sales and marketing company that generates revenue and is financially sustainable, builds a strong brand and engaged growing audience.

Board of Directors

President and CEO – Rob Henderson

BioTalent Canada Team
BioTalent Canada members:

Ag-West Bio Inc.





Bioscience Association of Manitoba


Innovative Medicines Canada

Life Sciences Ontario

LifeSciences BC

Medtech Canada

Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization

PEI BioAlliance

Renewable Industries Canada

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